Discipleship at Calvary Chapel Redeeming Grace

Proper discipleship brings you along on the path of growth in your walk with God.  While no one grows and matures at the same rate we can get an idea of where we are at based on where our heart for church is.

From Far Away To Relationship With:

The path begins with those who are far from God who hear the Gospel and believe they are saved and born again by the Spirit of God and brought into relationship with God.  They now come to church and worship and learn because they have relationship with God.

Relationship With To Fellowship Among:

The next step of the path is moving from only relationship with God to also fellowship with God's people and Christ's Church.  Now church is about God and God's people and your relationship, fellowship and communion with them, becoming engaged in small groups and bible studies, etc.

Fellowship Among To Serving Alongside:

As spiritual growth in the life of the believer continues they move from attending church and groups to serving the Church or body of believers.  No longer content to be a consumer - so to say but to become a contributor and start serving alongside in ministry

Serving Alongside To Reaching Those Far Away:

Reproducing a disciple and bringing them along the pathway of spiritual growth is a sign of spiritual maturity.  The road does not stop here, it keeps going in the same process this becomes the circle of our spiritual walk with Christ as both a disciple and a discipler.

Serving With Us

Every part of the body of Christ has a part and place in the body of Christ to serve.  We want you to serve in you part and place of the body of Christ for the good of the whole

(1 Corinthians 12:5-7; Ephesians 4:11-16)

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